August 2012

Edmund and the White Witch

Narnia has been adapted for the younger crowd…

…And quite honestly, I’m not sure if it was necessary at all. Sure, this adaptation from The World of Narnia is cute with its paintings and classical borders, but it’s rather, well, boring. Edmund and the White Witch: Adapted From The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis tells a very abridged tale of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, introducing the young audience to this vibrant and magical world. However, the subtleties and gorgeous descriptions within the novel are absent, and instead readers are rushed through not only the introduction to Narnia—including the lovely Mr. Tumnus, who was reduced to half a sentence, and the dreadful fear of the White Witch—but the entire novel.

Instead, this installment focuses on Edmund’s encounter with the witch—hence, the title—and his lust for power and sweets. The witch makes him many promises that she claims she will keep upon his return, as we all know, and that’s pretty much where this book ends.