May 2019

Stuff Happens

What would you do if you found out that your heart surgeon graduated at the bottom of his or her class? What if a creepy homeless guy followed you home? These and other scenarios are yours to muddle over in the game Stuff Happens. Which one do you think is the worst thing that could happen?

Your Beard Is Germier Than A Dog

Have you ever been kissing a bearded person and suddenly tasted something unpleasant? Perhaps you've licked something icky in your own beard. Whether you can taste it or not, you might find it freaky that human beards have been found to carry more germs than dogs. This is due to the fact that beards are coarser and curlier, which means they hold onto germs better, but they're also next to the nostrils and mouth, which are damp, warm and a hotbed for bacteria breeding. Ew!

70 Horses Saved From Slaughter

Fans of Willie Nelson already know that he's an animal lover who speaks out against animal abuse in all forms, but did you know that he's also saved 70 horses from being slaughtered over the years at his Luck Ranch? He has a 700-acre ranch in Texas where he's rehomed the animals over the years. This is the place that he calls home when he's not traveling and they get to share it with him.

Poem Generators

The Internet makes it easy to be both lazy and creative, giving us access to more information and more auto-generating programs than ever. This can lead to some really fun hybrid poems for those interested in using them. From word clouds to generic generators, there are lots of ways to do this. Some of them, like this poem generator, even let you select which type of poem you'd like to create, such as a sonnet, haiku or free verse poem. You can even choose some themes, like love poems. 

When The Cat Can't Settle Down

How many of you cat people have cats that just can't settle down in your house? Do you have a cat that no matter how calming or quiet you are, it randomly jumps around like it's seen a ghost and runs across your face while you're asleep, scratching you in the process? Yeah, I have one of those. She's almost five and she still does this. Aside from locking her in the laundry room at night, I don't have a fix, which is sad because she's a sweet sleeping companion when she's not randomly scratching me to pieces.

Nuclear Reactors 679 - Holtec International Is Buying The Palisades Nuclear Power Plant In Michigan To Profit From Decommissioning It

      The Palisades nuclear power plant is located on the shores of Lake Michigan near South Haven, Michigan. It is the oldest nuclear power plant in Michigan. The plant is scheduled to be permanently shut down in the spring of 2022.

Women Deserve More Rights Than Corpses

We have at least 700 maternal deaths per year. Many of them are preventable with quality care and, yes, abortion. That doesn't include the thousands of pregnancy-related diseases, complications and injuries women sustain and are affected by for life. There are also over 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care system. With these statistics in mind, as well as the lengths desperate women have gone to in the past to save their lives through back-alley abortions before Roe vs.

No Business For Anti-Abortion States

The United States government is currently at war on women. Several states have passed bills that limit abortion to six weeks, which is pretty much when women find out they are pregnant, and one state is even threatening women with the death penalty for having an abortion out-of-state. This is utter insanity. Not only does it put the lives of women at risk and set us back 100 years, it also makes women's bodie properties of their state--most notably in Georgia.

White Sox Grateful Dead Night

Grateful Dead theme nights are the best, and the Chicago White Sox just announced their next one: it will take place on Tuesday, July 2 against the Detroit Tigers. The first 1,500 tickets purchased will receive limited edition Grateful Dead White Sox hats, which sound like a really cool deal. And of course they will be playing the Dead's music throughout the night as part of the theme. 

Enough with the Unpaid Work

The next time I hear a dude whine about how there's no pay gap... You know what? There's worse than a pay gap. There's the unpaid work that women do, and it's downright exhausting. Everything from volunteering to do the things nobody wants to do at work just because they need to get done, to the mental load at home (everything from permission slips to grocery lists to knowing what needs to be cleaned, who needs to be where, what needs to be packed...) to majority of chores and child-raising on top of work at home... are you kidding me? The gap is so much bigger than it seems.