May 2019

Nuclear Weapons 373 - Russia's Nuclear Sub Belgorod To Carry Six Poseidon Nuclear Armed Underwater Drones

Russian Poseidon.jpg

Russian Status-6 Poseidon Drone Submarine

       Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, has recently been bragging about their new Status-6 Poseidon nuclear armed underwater drone. This new drone torpedo is reported to employ sophisticated stealth systems that will render it invisible to detection. It is supposed to have intercontinental range and carry a one hundred megaton warhead.

Life Out There

Voicing that there's alien life off the planet Earth used to be met with scorn, but today most people know that beliving there's no life is the erroneous way of thinking. There's not a ton of proof either way, but given the vastness of the universe, it makes much more sense for life to exist elsewhere.

All About the Macarons

After working every day since... forever, save for days when I'm sick, I always look forward to planning a day off on Mother's Day where I do whatever I want (I also do this in the fall on my birthday). I often read comic books and eat whatever I want that day, and this year is no exception! I've got macarons on my mind this year so I'm looking for some great suggestions. 

Black Poets To Follow

National Poetry Month is over, but if you are looking for some more great poets to follow you have to check out these 9 black poets.  There are excerpts of each poet on the page, alongside themes of each artist's work, just to give you a bit of a taste of each poet's work. Each artist's Twitter handle is also featured. 

Great Mother's Day Deals

Each Mother's Day, many people celebrate the mother figures in their lives and many mourn the ones they lost or never had. There's no right or wrong way to honor the day, but if you are buying something for your mother figure or yourself as a parent, here are some good deals. I love the weighted blanket, which is comforting for many people, and the "Things I Love About Mom" books are great for kids and young people to fill in for their parents.

Beyond a Darkened Shore

Last night I finished a book called Beyond a Darkened Shore, written by Jessica Leake, and it's a fantastic tale of magic, mystical creatures, mythology and adventure. It's the story of a princess who lives in Ireland. She has special powers that make her people fear her yet depend on her for safety, and she has to embark on an adventure with one of her enemies, a Norseman with powers, in order to save both their people from a larger threat.

Political Reads

When it comes to political books, I must admit that my favorites are the fictional political intrigue novels rather than nonfiction. A Song of Ice and Fire is one of my favorite series. That said, there are lots of other political books, from those about actual politics to others based more on theories and issues, that interest me, too, and I thought I'd ask about everyone else's favorites.